3 Ways Cleaning Your Metal Roof Improperly Could Lead To A Need For Roof Repair

If you have a metal roof, you can consider your home well-suited. Metal roofs have a notorious reputation for outliving asphalt shingles by a lot of years and, for the most part, these roofing materials are easy to maintain. Unfortunately, just like other types of roofing materials, a metal roof can develop a grimy appearance due to moss, tree sap, and other elements in the natural environment. Cleaning a metal roof doesn't sound like an arduous task, but it can be. A lot of unwitting homeowners realize this after a wrong move during cleaning leaves them with a need for a roof repair professional. 

1. Using inappropriate cleaning solutions can strip away protective layers. 

Metal sounds like it should be resilient to about whatever cleaning solution you could come up with. While metal is definitely more resilient to cleaning solutions than something like asphalt shingles, there are still certain chemicals that can strip away protective layers, causing discoloration of colored surface treatment, and even contribute to corrosion. You may not notice issues right away, but if substances like bleach, ammonia, or certain detergents sit idle on the roof for a while, you could definitely see some issues. It is best to pick up a metal roof wash solution at your local home improvement store. 

2. Not being careful about the pressure of cleaning can leave indentions. 

Your first inclination when you spot grime on your roof may be to drag out your pressure washer and get to work. A pressure washer can be invaluable when it comes to cleaning a roof, but if you utilize too much pressure, you can leave indentions in the panels, break a panel loose, or even cut a line or hole into a sheet of metal. While indentions can just be unsightly, punctures can obviously be more worrisome. You will have to reach out to a roof leak repair professional for help. 

3. Using the wrong cleaning tools could cause problems on the metal roof panels. 

Any time you go on a metal roof to clean it, you should carefully look at the tools you intend to use in the process. Something like a wire-bristled or stiff-bristled scrub brush, for example, could be a bad choice. Using these tools to slough away grime could loosen fastening hardware, cut scratches into protective finishes, and more. If you don't notice these damages right away, you could end up with leaks in your roof or wind damage that would not have otherwise sustained. 

For more information, contact a roof repair service.