Using Xactimate Software For Your Restoration Estimates

For contractors that provide damage restoration services for their clients, it is a reality that they may have to deal with the insurance carrier for the homeowner. While this can be a cumbersome chore, Xactimate estimates can greatly reduce the complexity of this process. This is a software solution that can dramatically simplify the process of preparing an estimate for repairing and restoring the property.

Utilize Sophisticated And Convenient Features To Minimize Estimate Preparation

Insurance estimation software solutions allow contractors to greatly reduce the manual labor that is involved in preparing a formal estimate to be submitted to the insurance carrier. This can include accessing common insurance codes for property damage. Without this feature, you will need to manually look up these codes, which can be a lengthy process. Additionally, this software can make it possible to keep all of the information for the estimate in one place. This can include attaching pictures to the estimate, floor plans, or other information that the insurance may need.

Take Advantage Of Cloud-Based Xactimate Software Solutions

Contractors will often find that they need to prepare estimates on project sites. As a result, these individuals will need a software solution that is extremely mobile. Cloud-based insurance estimation software solutions can be an excellent option. By utilizing a cloud-based service, you can make it possible to easily utilize this software while you are on your client's project site. As a result, you will be able to provide estimates as quickly as possible while also being able to easily take any pictures that may be needed. Additionally, you will be able to upload them to the estimating software. To help with providing a stable internet connection, you may want to invest in a dedicated mobile hotspot so that you can have a clear internet signal when preparing the estimate.

Reduce Insurance Rejections For Estimates

A common problem that many restoration contractors will experience can be insurance carriers rejecting their estimates. One potential reason for this can be failing to supply the insurance with an acceptable total cost for the amount of work that needs to be done. Insurance estimation software provides contractors with an extensive and localized database of the costs of various repair and restoration work. This will allow them to determine what the average cost for these repairs is in the area so that they can better tailor their estimate to reflect this price. In situations where the costs for the repairs will be higher than what is normally required for the area, you will know ahead of time to include additional information so that these additional costs can be better justified to the insurance.

For more information on property xactimate estimates, contact a contractor.