What To Keep In Mind When Choosing Your Deck Railing

Decks are very common across most parts of America, as they allow for a larger outdoor living space that is very popular during the warmer months. Of course, with any sort of decking system, you will need to consider adding in deck railing to ensure the safety of all those who walk out on it. However, knowing you need deck railing and choosing the type of deck railing that fits your home's style perfectly are two very different things, with the latter being far harder. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when choosing your deck railing.

Match Colors

It seems obvious to say, but your deck railing really should match the tone and shade of your actual decking. Many people think they understand that, but then go and get a railing that is a touch darker or a little bit different, just to add their own spin on it. For example, they may end up getting a dark brown or black railing to match an oak deck. While this might sound good in theory, in practice, it creates a disjointed feel that just highlights itself more than it should. You want your deck railing to be seamless, so it is critical you don't try to mash together two color schemes.


If your deck space is not on the ground floor, and if it is even slightly raised off of the ground, then there could be legal requirements about the height. A professional decking contractor will always have this information handy and can advise you about how high your deck railing needs to be, but you should factor this into your calculations from the beginning. There is no good planning an open space living area if you are going to need to put in quite high railings that interrupt the flow into the backyard. 


Not all deck railing has to be the same type of material. While the frame is generally wood or metal, you can choose to fill in the main space with rope, wire, or even glass if more wood is not to your fancy. Just bear in mind that these different materials are harder to maintain, especially rope, as they age quicker in the rougher climate. If you are prepared for a more involved maintenance schedule, then these different materials can be a great way to personalize your deck without ruining the atmosphere or style you are going for.