Using Building Trusses To Reduce The Costs Of Construction And Improve Structural Designs

The costs of building new structures can be expensive with the prices of materials going up. Thus, you may want the most cost-effective solutions like trusses for your projects. There are many advantages to using trusses in your projects. They offer solutions for long spans, open spaces, and unique architectural designs. The following information will help you improve structural designs with the right building trusses for your projects:

Floor Truss Systems 

The foundation of your project will be the beginning of the construction. After a foundation is poured, a floor system is often needed. The floors of structures can even be built with a truss system. The first option to consider for floor system trusses is engineered wood systems (TGI joists). These are specially designed wood I-beam trusses made of plywood and laminated cords. The lightweight design makes these systems easy to install, which can save time on your projects. There are also options for more conventional trusses made of conventional lumber materials. The lumber trusses have open webbing, which can make installing mechanical systems easier. Both these systems will probably need laminated engineered beams to support structural loads.

Wall Truss Systems

There are also options for prefabricated wall trusses that can be used for your project. Where there are load-bearing walls, the trusses can be specially designed to carry loads. On the exterior of a building, there are also several options when using trusses. The exterior wall trusses can be prefabricated solutions that already have finishes like siding and windows. This can further save time and money when building. There are also options for exterior trusses that are unfinished, which will give you options for custom finishes to complete your project.

Roof and Ceiling Truss Systems

Roof truss systems are the most common solution to use trusses in building designs. These are the trusses that make up the roofline, but they may include other architectural features. Roof truss systems often include ceiling designs too. If you want to have exposed features, talk to your truss company about the design. When they build the trusses, the exposed sections can have finishes and design elements you want for the open ceilings. The trusses can also be built with other custom ceilings that can be finished after the truss installation is completed.

Trusses are ideal solutions to reduce costs and save time on your projects. Contact a building truss service to discuss using trusses for the design of your next project.