Why You Should Get Yearly Services On Your Septic Tank System

Septic tanks are used in many parts of the country, particularly in rural areas, where it does not make feasible sense to connect to a sewerage system. That can be because of distance or the type of earth that you have built your house on, but either way, septic tanks are common for millions of American households. With that in mind, often people who have septic tanks do not really know that much about them or how often they need to be serviced. Being a proactive septic tank owner means that you should be servicing your septic tank and other components at least once a year, and here is why.

Septic Tank Drainfield Repair

If you do not service your septic tank once a year, then it is very likely that within five to ten years your drainfield, which is where the bulk of your wastewater ends up, will start to create sludge and toxic material that will not percolate as it should. Unlike burst pipes or damaged filters, septic tank drainfield repair is a very labor-intensive process that can take quite a while. It often requires the digging up of large swathes of land to uncover all of the pipes so you can manually clean them and get the sludge removed before the system can begin to work again. While septic tank drainfield repair is certainly possible, it can also be avoided with proper and regular servicing.

Pump Maintenance

While many septic tanks use gravity to allow the flow of waste through a septic system, some require a pump due to the nature of the house in relation to the septic tank itself. If you have a septic system with a pump, then you need to keep on top of its maintenance because if it stops working for even a few days your home will begin to stink, and you may see wastewater returning up the pipes of your shower or bathroom. 

Health Hazard

In addition to the above two common problems with septic tanks that have not been properly serviced, it is important to remember that any issue that comes from improperly functioning septic systems will cause a health crisis. This effluent is some of the dirtiest and most toxic material that you can come across in its raw, untreated form, and if it has been sitting around stewing for days, then it becomes even more riddled with bacteria. If you have little children or people with immune deficiencies in the house, then this can be even more dangerous. Do not let this waste seep out into the open, stay on top of it, and make sure to always get it serviced or fixed as soon as possible. 

To learn more, reach out to a local septic tank drainfield repair service.