Constructing An ADU On Your Lot

The construction of an auxiliary dwelling unit can be an investment in your property that will result in a rental unit that you can lease to the tenant for additional income. Not surprisingly, this can be an attractive option for providing homeowners with compensation and potentially improving the value of their property.

Spend Time Reviewing The Building Code Requirements That Your Area Has For ADU Construction

Prior to starting the design process for the ADU construction, individuals should become as familiar as possible with the local building codes for these structures. These building codes are designed to ensure that all of the structures in the local community are as safe as possible. Without spending time reviewing these regulations, you may be in a position where you will potentially create a structure that is in violation of these requirements. This could make the unit unrentable until these costly repairs are completed.

Review The Local Market Before Creating The Plan For The Unit

The design and amenities that are available in the ADU will have a strong impact on the attention that this property will get from potential renters. Unfortunately, failing to research the types of listings that your unit will be competing against can make it harder for you to create a design that will be attractive to these individuals. In addition to reviewing units in your entire community within your target price range, you will also want to focus on the surrounding area for the unit. This can be because individuals often want to live in a specific area. By making your unit comparable or even stand out from the surrounding units, you may have a much easier time finding tenants for the ADU and you might even be able to charge a higher rent price.

Consider The Accessibility And Privacy Of The Unit

While it is important to focus much of your attention on the ADU itself, it is also important to be mindful of the grounds that surround the unit. More precisely, the accessibility of this unit should be carefully assessed. Ideally, this unit should have its own parking area. The privacy that the ADU enjoys can benefit the owner of the primary house as well as the person that is renting the ADU. Some homeowners may prefer to increase the privacy of the unit with the placement of plants around the unit. However, this will not be as effective as the installation of a fence between the ADU and the primary house on the lot.

for help with your ADU plans, contact a relevant construction contactor in your area.