4 Things You Might Want To Know About Vinyl Siding Before You Buy It

Vinyl siding could be the right choice for your home if you're trying to decide on the type of new siding to put on. Vinyl is popular because it is attractive and easy to maintain. Here's some information about vinyl siding you might want to know.

1. Vinyl Siding Might Go Over Old Siding

If you're interested in saving money by putting new siding over your old siding, talk to your contractor and get advice. The old siding has to be in pretty good shape first. If there is moisture damage, it may not be advisable to put new siding on top of the old materials.

Also, the contractor may need to put furring strips over the wall first. These are thin strips of wood the new siding can be attached to so the new siding floats over the old siding. You may want a contractor to let you know the cost difference between tearing off the old siding and keeping it so you can decide on the best way to spend your money.

2. Vinyl Siding Allows Moisture To Escape

It's never good to wash your vinyl siding in such a way that water goes behind the siding, but if rain or water from washing does get behind the siding, the siding will let the water escape.

The siding has channels and weep holes so water can drip out or so ventilation can help moisture evaporate. This is an important advantage of this type of siding since moisture that's trapped can lead to mold and rot.

3. You Have A Lot Of Options With Vinyl Siding

Another advantage of vinyl is that you have many options when it comes to how your home will look. This makes vinyl suitable for luxury homes as well as budget homes or cabins. You can buy vertical or horizontal panels and panels that look like logs, wood boards, or cedar shakes.

Plus the vinyl boards come in several colors including dark colors so you can choose the color of your siding just like you would choose paint to give your home the look you want.

4. Vinyl Siding Can Last A Long Time

Nearly any type of siding can be damaged by a bad storm with big hail, even vinyl. Vinyl siding might crack or get puncture holes under those conditions. However, typical storms shouldn't bother the siding. Bugs and rot shouldn't be issues either. You'll want to keep your grill away from the side of the house since intense heat might make the siding sag.

If you take good care of your siding, it could last for decades, and the only thing you might need to do is wash your home regularly to keep the siding clean.