Why Should You Consider High-End Gutter Options?

You probably don't think much about the gutters on your home or other homes you've seen. If you're building a custom house, there's a good chance that the gutters are the last thing on your mind. After all, do they matter as much as important details like your roofing, siding, windows, or even HVAC system?

Of course, if you're reading this article, you might have guessed the answer: yes! Your gutters are arguably one of your home's most critical protective features, and they can also play a major role in its appearance. Choosing the correct gutters for your home can help create a cohesive appearance while minimizing the potential for long-term maintenance and repair costs.

Why Do Gutters Matter?

The simple answer is that gutters matter because you want to keep your home and the surrounding area as dry as possible. While you can spend a lot of money making your home as weather-resistant as possible, modern construction isn't completely waterproof. Extreme moisture levels can affect your home in numerous ways, from damaging your siding to rotting the underlying structural elements.

Your foundation is another potential concern. Although your landscape grading helps direct water away from your foundation, it's generally not a good idea to allow moisture to accumulate too close to the home. This water can put excessive hydrostatic pressure on the foundation before it can effectively drain down your lawn and away from your home.

The two most common ways to address these concerns are overhangs and gutters. Longer overhangs keep water away from your home and foundation but don't prevent splashback and won't channel water into designated areas. Gutters help by removing your home's dripline altogether and redirecting water to safe channels at the corners of your home.

Why Should You Consider Upgraded Gutters?

The standard gutters on most homes are relatively short, pre-fabricated steel or aluminum gutters. These generally work fine and are cost-effective but come with numerous drawbacks. For example, steel gutters may rust out over time, while aluminum gutters won't provide the same strength and quality as heavy-duty steel. In both cases, seams can disrupt the flow of your house.

Copper gutters provide all the benefits described above while offering superior longevity, durability, and appearance compared to aluminum gutters. Even better, they won't rust, making them a superior option in many ways to traditional steel gutters. Copper can also provide a unique look that can help to beautify and enhance your home's overall appearance.

Finally, seamless gutters are a must-consider option for any custom home. Contractors fabricate seamless gutters on-site, creating custom lengths to match your needs perfectly. As a result, your gutters won't have the disruptive seams you'll find in cheaper products. While seamless copper gutters are ultimately a pricier option, their benefits outweigh their costs.

Reach out to a local service that offers seamless copper gutter installation to learn more.