The Ultimate Basement Waterproofing Guide For Homeowners

If your property has a basement and you cherish this space, then you might as well protect it any way you can. One of the better renovations you could pursue is waterproofing it. As long as you use this guide to do so, water isn't going to be a stressful element you have to face in the future.

See if Water is Currently Getting Through

The first thing you need to do when waterproofing a basement is to scan the area to see if water is currently getting through. If it is, then you can investigate the problem further and subsequently have a better idea of how to approach waterproofing going forward.

You don't need to be a professional contractor to perform this assessment. Just go into your basement and see if there are any signs of water, such as watermarks and actual droplets of water near the walls or floors. If there is, you need to find out why before choosing a waterproofing solution.

Add Well Covers to Windows

If you have a basement with windows, then they can create vulnerable areas where water is able to seep through. For this reason, you want to protect these windows with well covers. They will form a shield over the windows and thus keep water from getting through, which is important when it heavily rains in your area.

You can find well covers made from a lot of durable materials, including plastic and metal. Just make sure you take measurements of your basement windows to get covers that fit over them perfectly. 

Continue to Check on Waterproofing Measures

Whatever type of waterproofing measures you take around your property's basement, it's important to monitor their performance going forward because you need to see that water is truly staying out. You can head into the basement any time and perform thorough visual inspections.

If you keep checking the basement and no signs of water seem to be present, you know your solutions are working. Then you just need to maintain them from here on out, whether it's waterproof sealants or a trench drain that borders your property's foundation.

If you don't want to ever deal with massive water damage around the basement, you should take care of waterproofing measures as soon as you get the chance. As long as they're appropriate and thorough, water isn't going to affect the basement and cause you frustration. For more information on basement waterproofing, contact a company near you.