3 Benefits Of Getting Your Chimney Cleaned Before Winter

Do you have a wood-burning fireplace in your home? Do you use it frequently in the winter? A fireplace can be a fun and cozy way to stay warm in the winter. It can also help reduce your heating bills as the fireplace generates natural heat throughout your home.

A fireplace can be a simple and effective way to create heat in the home, but it can also lead to major issues if you don't have it cleaned or serviced regularly. It's advised to have your chimney examined and cleaned every year before winter. Below are a few important benefits of having your chimney cleaned this year before you start using it:

Prevents carbon monoxide poisoning.

It's possible for blockages to develop inside your chimney. Leaves, sticks, and other debris can get inside the chimney and get stuck. Animals can get in there and become trapped and ultimately die. There are many different things that can get in your chimney and create a blockage.

When this happens, the blockage prevents smoke from exiting your chimney the correct way. If the smoke can't leave through the top of the chimney, it comes back down through the fireplace. Obviously, smoke flooding into your home can be unpleasant, but it can also be dangerous. The carbon monoxide in the smoke can make you sick and can even be deadly. A chimney cleaning can eliminate blockages and help smoke exit through your chimney correctly.

Reduces the chance of fire.

When you use your chimney repeatedly, a black, tar-like substance will accumulate around the inside of the flue. This is called creosote, and it's a highly flammable substance. If there's too much creosote in your chimney, the flames from the fireplace could actually cause a fire inside the chimney. Those flames could damage the chimney or even come back out of the fireplace and cause a fire in your home. A chimney cleaning removes creosote and reduces the chances of a fire in your chimney.

Saves you money.

Your homeowner's insurance may actually have a requirement that you get your chimney cleaned once a year. If you fail to get your chimney cleaned and then suffer smoke or fire damage, your insurance company may want to know when your last cleaning took place. If you can't provide proof that you had a cleaning, they may refuse to cover the damage. Regular cleanings keep you in compliance with your insurance company and could save you big money if an accident ever occurs.

Contact a chimney sweep in your area today to schedule your cleaning. They can help you keep your chimney clean and working properly all winter.