Equipping Your Home With A New Fireplace

If you are wanting to add more warmth to your home while also enhancing its aesthetics, the installation of a new fireplace is one change that could provide some major benefits to the house. While it is possible for a homeowner to upgrade their home with this type of feature, it is common situation for homeowners to overestimate the difficulties of this process due to having a limited understanding of the design process or the work that will be involved.

Decide On The Style Of Fireplace That You Are Wanting

There are many different styles of fireplaces that you can install in your home. For example, you could opt for a traditional brick and mortar fireplace, or you may decide for a more modern and sleeker glass enclosure for the fireplace. Reviewing numerous fireplace designs can be an option that will enable you to get a better idea as to the ways that the various fireplace designs will look in your house.

Consider The Options For Fueling The New Fireplace

There are many homeowners that may simply assume that wood-burning fireplaces will always be the best option for their houses. However, there can be some sizable disadvantages when it comes to choosing a wood-burning fireplace. For example, these fireplaces will have to be thoroughly cleaned every time that they are used. In contrast, a fireplace that uses natural gas or oil may require far less frequent and intensive cleaning. This is because gas and oil don't produce ash like wood does. However, even these fireplaces will need to be cleaned at some point as natural gas and oil can both leave behind residues, but they will do so at a much slower rate than wood will.

Determine The Best Area For Adding The New Custom Fireplace

The area where the custom fireplace is positioned and installed can be a seemingly simple factor, but it can have a large effect on the costs of this project. For example, placing the fireplace near an exterior wall can also allow for the flue system to be installed soon. This is a direct result of the more limited structural changes that can be needed to install a chimney in these spaces. Not surprisingly, homeowners may not be familiar with the best practices for placing a fireplace, but a contractor can help you with optimizing the placement of the fireplace will be enough to increase the home's resale value.

For more information on installing a fireplace, contact a contractor.