Inground Pool Getting Older? Watch Out For These Two Problems

If your inground pool is getting older, it may start to have problems. Knowing what these problems are will help you know what to watch out for. Many problems get worse over time, so it is important they be taken care of early. Keep reading to learn about two issues you may have with your pool. 

Plumbing Leaks

You can get leaks in the plumbing for your pool like you can with the plumbing inside your home. If you notice the water level is dropping in the pool, you have wet spots in your yard, you see water under the plumbing equipment, or your water bill is higher, you may have a plumbing leak. 

It is important that you get this problem taken care of quickly, so contact a pool repair contractor. The problem may be an easy repair, but in some cases, they will need to do extensive digging if the plumbing needs to be replaced. The contractor may find that only a pipe is cracked and they can easily replace it. If the plumbing is old, this would be a good time to have all of it replaced.  

Concrete Cracks

If you have a concrete inground pool, the concrete can get cracks over time. The concrete has a finish or a coating over it, which may be fiberglass, epoxy, or paint. Over time, the finish degrades, and the pool must be resurfaced. When it degrades, cracks can appear on the concrete. To resurface the pool, the contractor has to drain the pool to remove all the water. They repair the cracks by using a crack filler if the cracks are small. They will have to replace part of the concrete if the cracks are larger. Once the cracks are repaired, a new surface is put on the pool, and the water is put back in. 

Resurfacing your pool is expensive, but it can help your pool last much longer for you. You will have to have the pool resurfaced again in the future. The contractor that comes to your home can give you more information about this. Have your pool professionally cleaned, and make sure your use the right chemical levels to make your coating last much longer. 

Talk with a pool repair service to learn more. The contractor can also tell you of other problems you need to watch out for to keep your pool in good condition.