Things A Foundation Excavation Service Does Before They Begin Excavation

If you are in the process of building your dream home, you know that foundation excavation is an important component of the overall construction project.

But what does a foundation excavation service do before they begin to excavate? What steps do they take to ensure the success of your construction project? Read on to learn more.

Check for Underground Utility Lines

A residential foundation excavation service must first check for any underground utility lines that may be at risk when performing the excavation. This means taking the time to contact local utility companies such as electric, gas, and water companies to make sure that none of their lines will be disturbed during the digging process.

Any disruption to these utility lines can result in costly repairs or fines, so it's important that this step is completed before any excavating begins. Not only can this help protect major utilities, but it can also help keep workers safe from harm if they accidentally hit a line.

Mark Out Excavation Area

Once the utility lines have been checked and marked, the excavation expert will then mark out the area they plan to excavate, paying attention to specific measurements and requirements. This includes ensuring that the excavation is deep enough to meet the project's needs while also ensuring that they don't dig too close to any nearby buildings or structures.

They usually follow a pre-designed blueprint to make sure they stay on track with their digging plans. This blueprint will include the exact measurements and details of where they need to dig.

Perform Test Pits

Next, a good foundation excavation company will perform test pits before they begin any digging. This allows them to get an idea of how deep they need to go and what type of soil or rock structure lies beneath the surface. The test also allows them to check for the presence of any underground water or other elements that could impact the excavation process.

The contractor needs to have this information so that they can plan ahead and ensure that there are no surprises once they start excavating. Test pits also give them insight into which type of equipment might work best for their particular situation and allow them to determine whether additional precautions are needed. 

Hiring a qualified excavation service is important in getting your home built correctly and safely. Before beginning any work, these experts must check for underground utility lines, perform test pits, and create a detailed plan for executing the job correctly and efficiently.

With these simple steps, you can rest assured knowing that your home's foundations are being excavated properly, so you have one less thing to worry about when building your dream home.

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