2 Benefits Of Installing Stucco On The Exterior Of Your Commercial Building

If the exterior of your business's building is starting to look worn, you may be looking at your options for updating it. While reviewing the different types of materials and techniques for new siding, you may want to take a closer look at stucco.

Made from a base mixture of sand, cement, and limestone, stucco has certain advantages over vinyl and other types of siding materials. Below are a couple of benefits of having stucco professionally installed on the exterior of your commercial building.

1. Stucco Serves as Highly Effective Insulation, Helping to Make Your Business's Building More Energy-Efficient

One benefit of having stucco installed on the exterior of your business's building is that it serves as highly effective insulation. The combination of the materials from which the stucco is made creates a dense mixture that is applied thickly to the sides, helping to create a solid air barrier.

Since the stucco creates a thick, dense air barrier on the outside of the building, it does not allow hot or cold air to easily escape the building and keeps out the exterior air. This makes it an effective insulator that helps to make the building more energy-efficient and keeps the cost of heating and cooling it down.

2. Stucco Is Moisture-resistant and Highly Durable, Requiring Very Little Work and Expense to Keep It Maintained

Another benefit of installing stucco on your commercial building is that it is highly durable. Because of the dense mixture of moisture-resistant materials, the siding is virtually waterproof and will not wear down easily in areas prone to high levels of precipitation or humidity.

For maintenance, stucco does not need as much to keep it in good condition as vinyl or other types of siding. You only need to spray it with a gentle solution to keep it clean. And, even if the siding does become damaged, it can be easily patched with very little work or expense, allowing you to save on both maintenance and repair costs over the years.

Along with providing a highly effective insulator for your building that is moisture-resistant, durable, and low-maintenance, stucco can also be customized in a variety of ways. You can select the texture pattern and color to increase your business building's curb appeal and help to reflect your company's brand.

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