Three Amish Pole Barn Styles To Consider For Your Land

Amish pole barns are durable, affordable, and versatile. If you need a barn to hold livestock or feed, or even just to house equipment, you'd do well to consider an Amish pole barn. But Amish pole barns can be designed in a number of different ways. Here are some popular styles to consider for your land.  

Gable Pole Barns

This is the most popular style of pole barn, and likely the one you picture in your mind when you hear the term "pole barn." Gable pole barns are long, rectangular buildings. The roof has one peak. This design allows snow and rain to shed off the roof easily. The rectangular shape also means you have plenty of room for storage without too many obstructions. Gable pole barns can be built quickly because the design is so simple. However, they do require a pretty flat patch of land, so you may have to spend a little money on land excavation prior to having the pole barn built.

Bank Barns

If you have a hilly piece of property, you might want to consider a bank barn. This type of pole barn is essentially built into a hill. There will be an upper and a lower level to the barn. You'll enter the upper level from the top of the hill and the lower level from the bottom of the hill. This design saves you from having to flatten a hill. The barn itself is more intricate and will take a bit longer to build, however. A bank barn works well if you plan on using your pole barn for two different purposes. For example, you could have horses on the lower level and hay on the top level.

Gambrel Barns

A gambrel pole barn has a rectangular shape. The roof, however, has two different slopes on both sides. The top slope is much flatter, and the bottom is steeper. This design allows for more space higher up in the barn. You could, for example, put a loft up there and use it to store hay or feed. A gambrel barn works well if you have limited space and need to build up rather than out. It's relatively simple for the builders to erect.

Reach out to local Amish pole barn builders to learn more. They can look over your terrain, talk to you about your needs, and recommend the best barn style for you.